October 10, 2012

New Webhost Means Back to My Blog

Over the Breakup; Found Someone New

I should have been prepared for the breakup. There was plenty of warning: in fact, a whole year’s notice that the relationship was ending. I could not do a thing about it, though, Lord knows, I went in often enough for counseling and tried every trick the experts suggested. But it takes two to make a relationship. If one party says they’re done, it’s over.

Apple's MobileMe quit hosting my website.
Months of my writing disappeared.
Instead of acting like a grownup and planning how I would get along, I pouted and did nothing. The year passed. The nightmare became real, and suddenly, I no longer had the support I needed. Worse, the split cut me off from the whole world with no way to let anyone know why I simple vanished from site.
Deep down I did feel a kind of relief. Being cut off took away the pressure of constant performance. But I wanted—needed—that responsibility. For three and a half months I stomped my foot and moaned, “Why me?” knowing it happened to more others than I can count.
My gritching and griping must have worked like therapy because I’m finally ready to move on. Friends introduced me to a new helpmeet. I took the plunge again. With some adjustments and compromises, I think I can make this new thing work. The hardest part will be getting used to the new last name. No longer am I plain Marypf.com. Now I’ve become a double name with BLOGSPOT added.
And [groan] I have to come up with a weekly blog again.

Help me through the next phase of my adjusting to a new Web Host.  Tell me how you make Blogger work for you, getting the look you want your pages to have.  

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