December 18, 2012

Reflecting on 2012, It’s Blessings & Sorrows, Friendships & Fun


·  Teaching Memoir classes lets me hear the treasures class members write.
·  Daughter’s Styled and Organized Living business is taking off.
·  Dad’s daily multi-mile walks shame my pitiful exercise routine. He turns a vigorous 92 this month.
·  Daughter #1 and favorite son-in-law juggle a middle-schooler plus 2 girls with drivers’ licenses, and make their home Teen Central to friends.
·  My writing group inspires, encourages, and guides my writing efforts.
·  For the 10th year, my widow(er) group shared my church Christmas concert before gathering at my home to celebrate the season.
·  My Sunday School class members race comfort to whichever one of us needs to be surrounded by love and prayers.
Granddaughter in choir robe with 3 medals
Granddaughter #1 with Medals

Proud Moments (or bragging rights)

·    Three granddaughters are turning out to be runners (like their grandpa and great grandfather). Two made it to State in the fall; the third was 1st in her middle school.
·    Between track and basketball, Granddaughter #1 squeezed in the Iowa State Choir, her 3rd year to be selected. This proud grandma was in Ames (see Just Plain Fun below) to hear the 1000 top Iowa voices and instrumentalists in concert.
·    Daughter #2 turns out a weekly blog and daily Facebook/Twitter tips (see Blessing #3) while her writer mom struggles for one blog per month—at best.
·    On Our Own: Widowhood for Smarties, a Silver Boomers book published in October, included my story.

Refreshed Friendships

·    Pfeiffer sis-in-law visited US from her residence in Germany.
·    Dear friends in Delaware housed me while we remembered good times.

Sorrows Laced with Joy

·    Dad shared a 72nd Valentine’s Day with Mother before she slipped away from us late that night.
·    While a chorus of our younger generation sang Mother’s hymns at her funeral, I discovered that Granddaughter #1 has her great grandmother’s natural alto voice (see Proud Moments #2).
·    In January and February, friend Kathy buried both parents, the parents who made room for me at their family table more times than I can count. Our Thanksgiving table shared both our Mothers’ best recipes.

Just Plain Fun

·    50th Class Reunion consensus: if we can still recognize one another, we can’t be that old.
Class members at 50th reunion
Van-Far Class of '62 Reunion
·    On flight to Iowa (see Proud Moment #2), I missed 2 planes, lost my driver’s license, discovered that I had daughter’s driver’s license and credit/ATM cards in my purse (leaving her broke and ID-less),  . . . and knew it would be a funny story—much later.
Wishing you blessings, proud moments, renewals, and fun in 2013.

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